We’re building programs that support new knowledge in inclusive, accessible, and equitable environments focused on human performance and sports science topics and analytics.

Mason Ferlic

Available Courses

These courses will introduce students to a wide variety of topics in the areas of human performance and sports sciences. The courses are available to all students regardless of major.

CourseCourse TitleCreditsTermInstructor
KINSTUDY 200Topics in Human Performance3Winter 2024Dr. Alexandra DeJong Lempke
KINSTUDY 201Technology and Data in Sports Science3Winter 2024Dr. Alexandra DeJong Lempke
KINSTUDY 202Social Contexts in Sports Science3Fall 2024Dr. Alexandra DeJong Lempke

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What Students Are Saying

“The guest lectures are super interesting for me to learn about different topics of human performance and the worksheets help keep me engaged. I like working in groups to break up the lectures.” Engineering Junior

“This is probably my favorite class I’ve ever taken, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I am starting to think more seriously about what I want to do after college.” LSA Junior

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