The Human Performance and Sport Science Center conducts and partners in research to lead improvements in health, well-being, and performance. HPSSC’s multidisciplinary projects support and explore the science underlying new advances in exercise and sport with the goal of translating these new evidence-based ideas into practice.

Mason Ferlic

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Industry Connections

HPSSC manages research contracts in partnership with other U-M researchers and outside professionals. We also conduct advanced research in our core research lab, MiPR, and collaborate with companies, pro sports teams, foundations, associations, and other other external partners. We generate scientific evidence to identify and support marketing claims, develop, and commercialize intellectual property through research, and monitor and evaluate programs. The research undertaken at HPSSC provides reliable fundamental evidence to justify the feasibility of trials on clinical populations.


If you are interested in partnering with HPSSC, our team would like to meet with your organization to discuss how we can help you to address your research, evaluation, or validation goals related to human performance or sports science. Our projects are tailored to your individual needs. The Fast Forward Medical Innovation Business Development team works with HPSSC and industry partners to develop contracts, data use agreements, NDAs, and other critical steps to individualize the process depending on the size of the research team, the time frame needed, the number of research participants, the depth of the project, and other important aspects.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss future collaborations!