The Human Performance & Sport Science Center serves the University of Michigan through the promotion and amplification of sport science research and education to generate new knowledge to inform human health and performance.

ESSI is now HPSSC!

Learn more about the new branding and vision for the Human Performance and Sports Science Center.

What is HPSSC?

HPSSC supports comprehensive research, education, and outreach programs with access to a wealth of resources and expertise from:


19 schools and colleges


thousands of athletes at all ages and abilities


a world-class health system


state-of-the-art academic and athletic facilities

Group of scholars standing around presentation display

“This is a great opportunity for our coaches, trainers, and student athletes to work with faculty and industry partners to probe new approaches to optimizing both individual and team performance.”

Warde Manuel
U-M Donald R. Sheperd Director of Athletics

HPSSC was welcomed into the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance by their partnerships team as an official partner in February 2023. Wu Tsai is excited to have HPSSC as a partner in their shared mission to discover the scientific principles of optimal human performance. HPSSC’s expertise and resources will strengthen their network, and they are confident that partnering will accelerate the Alliance’s progress and the field of human performance research more broadly.

Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance


New undergraduate courses

$1.7 million

Seed funding for interdisciplinary research


Major industry contracts