Alexandra Lempke
Dr. Alexandra (Alex) DeJong Lempke served as the Human Performance & Sport Science Center’s (HPSSC’s) Associate Director – Academics and Co-Director of the HPSSC MiPR lab until December 2023.  Dr. Lempke was a clinical assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology with the Human Performance & Sport Science Center (HPSSC) at the University of Michigan. In line with HPSSC’s educational and academic goals, Dr. DeJong Lempke’s role was designing and instructing courses in sports science for undergraduate U-M students. Prior to coming to U-M, she received her bachelor’s degree in athletic training from the University of Pittsburgh, her master’s degree in kinesiology with a focus in athletic training from the University of Virginia, and her PhD in sports medicine from the University of Virginia. She then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital with the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention. 

Dr. DeJong Lempke has previously taught courses for kinesiology and non-kinesiology undergraduate students in topics such as nutrition and emergency medical care for 4 years, and delivered guest lectures regarding wearable technology uses in a sports science lens. In 2021, she received the School of Education and Human Development Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award at the University of Virginia. In addition to her teaching background, Dr. DeJong Lempke has conducted sports science research to examine factors contributing to the development of chronic running-related musculoskeletal injuries. She leverages wearable sport technologies to measure outdoor movement patterns as they relate to injury, and portable ultrasound technologies to examine musculotendinous health among runners.

Dr. DeJong Lempke was selected to receive the 2023 Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine National Athletic Trainer Achievement Award.  She received the award during the 2023 Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Conference in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday, February 4, 2023.