Course – Technology and Data in Sports Science

Sports Analytics



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Technology and Data in Sports Science

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Winter/Spring 2024


Dr. Harjiv Singh

Students connecting vital tracking devices to an athlete for the Kineseology treadmill study.

Technology and Data in Sports Science

Course Number: KINSTUDY 201
(Kinesiology, Applied Exercise Science)

Schedule: Course is offered remotely
Time and Location: Remote for sprint 2024 
Credit Hours:  *3 units *General elective units – confirm with major/school academic advisor

This course will serve as a broad introduction to recent advancements in sport technology with an emphasis in wearable and portable technology. Additionally, this course will provide students preliminary opportunities to work with sports science data to answer questions pertinent to personal and/or professional interests. The goals of the course will be to learn the basics about how technologies can be leveraged to assess human performance, health and well-being, and how these technologies and data are currently being used to facilitate sports science assessments and interventions. Students will also gain preliminary experience working with and assessing data through demonstration and applied examples.

What students are saying

“It was extremely exciting and impactful to have a class dedicated for this lesser known but rapidly growing field. Getting knowledge from a professional in the field as a teacher, as well as various guest speakers was a very valuable and unique experience that I could not recommend more.” – Harshil Patel (winter 2024)

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