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Susan Rinaldi (she/her), MS, currently serving as the Program Officer for Exercise and Sport Science Initiative, ESSI, School of Kinesiology, at the University of Michigan was an invited guest, co-speaker along with Guadalupe Barreiro, MS, the Learning Systems Specialist for the Graduate & International Programs (G&IP) Office at the Gould School of Law, University of Southern California at the USC Keck School of Medicine, Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute (ATRI), Section of Biostatistics, Internship Program.

The workshop supporting both interns and professional staff was titled, Time Management Supporting Professional and Personal Asset Development.  They emphasized how to best utilize internship project resources, e.g., Internship Project Plan and Meeting Minutes Templates, Meetings, Team Building opportunities, etc., to support success in managing time, learning, and project deliverables.

Here are a few topics covered in their session, 1. Establishing project goal accountability, 2. Collaboration and communication to achieve project related learning and successful completion, 3. Leading without supervising, 4. Asset development for enhancing interpersonal and professional skills.

Ken Kozloff, PhD (Co-Director, ESSI), Geoff Burns, PhD (USOPC Sport Physiologist, Kinesiology Adjunct Assistant Professor, and formerly ESSI Post Doctoral Research Fellow) and Jacob Outwin, MS (Research Associate, MiPR) attended and presented their work at the 28th Edition of the European College of Sports Science (ECSS) Annual Congress titled, Explore-Enlighten-Perform, in Paris, France July 4-7, 2023.  In the photos below, the team also reconnected with Sigrid Olthof (she/her), PhD, a former ESSI Post Doctoral Research Fellow, who is currently a Lecturer in Performance Analysis and Analytics, School of Sport and Exercise Science, at Liverpool John Moores University.

Learn more about ECSS here.

It was an excellent opportunity to showcase ESSI’s work on the international stage, very proud of our team!

Landon Lempke, PhD, ATC (He/His/Him), a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Exercise & Science Initiative (ESSI) and the Michigan Concussion Center, has recently been highlighted for his research.

Read on here to learn more.

Michigan News Story

Read about Landon’s concussion research as highlighted in the June 14, 2023 Michigan News article, Exercise is medicine: Get moving after a concussion to heal faster.

Recent Grant Awarded

Congratulations to Dr. Landon Lempke for their grant from the National Athletic Trainer’s Association Research and Education Foundation.

Landon is the PI on the 2-year funded grant with Dr. William P. Meehan III (Boston Children’s Hospital).  The study title is Diagnostic Utility of a Functional, Dual-Task Assessment After Concussion: The Standardized Assessment of Reaction Time (StART).

The study will determine the clinical value of StART and whether it can positively improve concussion diagnosis and return-to-play decision-making. StART is a quick (5-minute), reliable, valid, and widely available method for measuring functional reaction time (RT) assessment battery using only a pen light and any smartphone.  Using StART – the study has two aims:

Aim 1. To determine if concussion results in RT deficits using StART in college athletes compared to healthy-matched controls at acute, asymptomatic, return-to-play, and 2-months after asymptomatic time points.

Aim 2: To examine the independent diagnostic accuracy of StART alone, and as added value to a multi-pronged diagnostic assessment relative to the traditional concussion assessment battery acutely, and at return-to-play, among college athletes and healthy-matched controls.


American College of Sports Medicine Conference Attendance and

United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Team USA Visit

The University of Michigan Exercise and Sport Science Initiative (ESSI) and Michigan Performance Research (MiPR) lab faculty, trainees, and staff (11 in total) attended the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 2023 annual conference, title, Where Science, Research and Practice Build Healthy, Active Lives in Denver, Colorado from May 30 to June 2, 2023. Our group delivered 9 presentations at the ACSM, conference!

This group also visited a past ESSI and MiPR post-doctoral scholar, Dr. Geoff Burns, in Colorado Springs, who now serves as a physiologist for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Team USA.

We are incredible proud of our team!

Presenting Author Title, Degree Session Title Session Type Abstract Title
Fiddy Davis, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow MiPR Running Poster Thigh Lean Mass Is Associated with Improved Running Economy in Female Endurance Runners
Matt Hoffman Asst. U-M Men’s Golf Coach, BS Kinesiology, TPI Certified Instructor and High-Performance Golf Coach Cardiac Poster Heart Rate Changes in Response to Putting Distance In Collegiate Golfers
Alex DeJong Lempke, PhD ESSI Acad. Clinical Professor Marathon and Ultra-Endurance Performance Slides Running Experience and Training Factors Influence on Boston Marathon Performance
Marni Wasserman MS student Marathon and Ultra-Endurance Performance Slides Comparison Of Changes in Flexibility and Running Economy with Training Among Novice and Experienced Marathoners
Landon Lempke, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow Concussion Poster Pre-injury Measures Do Not Predict Future Concussion Among Collegiate Student-athletes
Olivia Stump ESSI Res. Associate, ACSM certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist Medical Poster Acute Covid-19 Diagnosis Is Associated with Greater Submaximal Ventilation in Runners
Sarah Davis YouM Project of MM Orthopedic Surgery, Research Area Specialist Intermed., MS, (BS U-M Kines.) Fitness Assessment Poster Longitudinal Changes in Physical Activity In First-year College Students Over An Academic Semester
Jacob Outwin Research Assistant, (B.S. in Movement Science) Fitness Assessment: Athletes Poster Individual Heart Rate Metrics Improve Correlation Models of Heart Rate at Lactate Thresholds
Sam Reed Research Associate, U-M Kines. B.S. in Athletic Training, ATC COVID and Exercise Thematic Poster Acute Covid-19 Diagnosis with Cardiorespiratory Symptoms Is Not Associated with Decreased Oxygen Pulse In Runners
Amanda Melvin Research Lab Manager, BA in Exercise Science and Psychology – Albion College MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology – Ball State Univ. COVID and Exercise Thematic Poster Lower Baseline Vo2max Associated with Greater Decrements in Running Economy In Female Runners After COVID19
Ken Kozloff, PhD ESSI Co-Director, PhD Biomed. Engineering; MM Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery Skeletal Muscle, Bone, and Connective Tissue – other Poster Cross-sectional Evaluation Of Bone Mineral Density At The Lumbar Spine And Total Hip In Runners


DeJong Lempke receives National Athletic Trainer Achievement Award
Congratulations to Dr. Alexandra (Alex) DeJong Lempke, ESSI’s Academic Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Director – Academics, Co-Director of the MiPR Lab, and Instructor of ESSI’s inaugural winter 2023 course, Topics in Human Performance! 

Dr. Alex DeJong Lempke was selected to receive the 2023 Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine National Athletic Trainer Achievement Award. She will receive the award during the 2023 Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Conference in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday, 2/4.



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