Foot fitness is crucial to better stability and strength

Nov 7, 2023 | News

Photo of someone wearing running shoes.

Whether you’re a trained athlete, a recreational runner, or enjoy the occasional stroll around your neighborhood to promote better health, your feet play a pivotal role in long-term strength and mobility. Dr. Alexandra DeJong Lempke, Clinical Assistant Professor of Applied Exercise Science and co-director of the Michigan Performance Research (MiPR) Lab provides insight into the importance of foot muscle and joint health.

Strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the feet has really important implications for lower extremity injury risk reduction and improving stability of the arch of the foot. These small muscles are often overlooked but play a key role in health and mobility. Incorporating these several exercises into daily routines (even during activities like watching TV or brushing your teeth) can be very beneficial, said DeJong Lempke.

One example of these exercises is the big toe press, where a foot is placed flat on the ground with toes apart, and the big toe presses down as if starting to take a step. This is one of many movements that will assist with stabilization and balance, and doesn’t require any special equipment to complete.

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